Taste the Rainbow with these Magical Wine Glasses

This Rainbow Wine Glass

The unicorn craze has taken over food and drink: lattes, ice cream, toast and even burritos, there seems like nothing it’s safe from pastel rainbow hues anymore. Not even wine, although when it comes to the grape drink there’s no need to grab the pink and baby blue syrups as you can get a multi-coloured effect thanks to this set of cocktail glasses.

Sold by Urban Outfitters, the coupe shaped glasses have a subtle prismatic colouring in the base that will give your white wine, Champagne or clear spritzer a beautiful gleam.

The glasses come in sets of two, priced at €33.84 ($39) and they are exclusive to the retailer, known for its millennial friendly clothing and accessories. They might not be ideal for a studious wine tasting, but they are just perfect for a visually appealing toast and would make terrific housewarming presents (even if its your house, and you’ve been living there for a decade).

You can get them online at urbanoutfitters.com

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