The Island of our Dreams – Where Puppies Meet Paradise

Beach holidays are a classic these days, but they can sometimes feel a bit repetitive and even a little boring. But now there’s a magical place where puppies meet paradise, something that is sure to boost your beach holiday.

Puppy Island is actually the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, a place that combines puppies, sun and sand. It’s the ultimate paradise.

This island is as adorable as Jurassic Park was terrifying. Here, you can cuddle rescue puppies all day long, making sure they receive all the love in the world.

Puppies Meet Paradise

If you find yourself particularly attached to a single pup, you can adopt the bundle of joy and take it home.

This initiative is all thanks to Potcake Place, which is a group that aims to provide a sanctuary for the island’s population of stray pooches.

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