Pubs Mount #SupportNotSympathy Social Media Campaign

Publicans from all over Ireland are mounting a protest against the lack of Government support for pubs who are still closed across social media today. 

3,500 pubs who don’t serve food are yet to reopen and today marks 5 months since they shut their doors on 15th March. 

Pub owners, their families and staff are posing for photos outside their pubs and posting them to their social media accounts as part of the #SupportNotSympathy campaign, supported by the Licensed Vintners Assocation (LVA) and the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI). 

National and local politicians will be tagged in the social media posts. The campaign hopes to highlight the need for real support for those pubs that are still closed, with Government failing to do anything beyond express “sympathy” for their plight.

Speaking about the campaign, Noel Anderson of Lemon & Duke and The Bridge 1859, who is Vice Chairman of the LVA said, “More than half the pubs in this country are yet to reopen, despite being closed for five months from today. There are approximately 25,000 people employed by these pubs. The #SupportNotSympathy campaign aims to show the personal impact this uncertainty is having on the publicans, their families and to the staff involved. Pubs all across Ireland are backing this campaign. We are calling for meaningful Government support for our colleagues who are still shut. They’ve been waiting for 5 months already, how much longer are they expected to carry on like this? We have had enough of the hollow sympathy being expressed by some politicians – the people behind these pubs all need real action now,” Mr. Anderson concluded.  

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