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We're Jumping on the Bubbly Bandwagon: Prosecco Van Ireland is what the Fizz is all About
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We’re Jumping on the Bubbly Bandwagon: This Prosecco Van is Driving Everyone Crazy

Food trucks are alright but a Prosecco van? That’s what’s driving us crazy at the moment. The Prosecco Van Ireland is a charming vintage style van that travels through the country bringing bubbles to places where bubbles are needed.

Self-described as an “ice-cream van for adults”, the idea is the product of four entrepreneurs, Trevor, Mark, Joanna and Laura, who came up with it after Laura and Mark got engaged and were looking for inspiration for cool and fun party inclusions.

Jumping on the Bubbly Bandwagon There's a Prosecco Van in Ireland 3

Nowadays, the team does weddings, corporate events and any type of parties in which a Prosecco van might be requested.

In case you’re wondering, their fizz of choice is Bidoli Frizzante from the famous Le Contesse winery. “It is fruity, crisp and off-dry”, they sate on their page. “A fresh nose is followed up with a zingy palate of light summer fruit flavours. A crowd pleaser from a world renowned winery.”

Jumping on the Bubbly Bandwagon There's a Prosecco Van in Ireland 3

The Prosecco van is decorated in a classic style and operated by fully trained and uniformed staff. It features two taps and a unique dispenser system that doesn’t require external refrigeration to serve perfectly chilled Prosecco.

There’s no event too big or too small for Prosecco Van Ireland, and whether is a daytime celebration or an evening party, it surely will be a bubbly addition to your special day!

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