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Fizz Frenzy Alert: Here’s Why you Should Stock Up on Prosecco Before the 22nd of December

Planning to buy some fizz for the holidays? Then you might want to time your visit to the shop smartly and make sure you stock up before Saturday 23rd of December. Why? That is the day that Prosecco sales are expected to soar and you might even risk going home empty handed if you leave it until the last minute.

The date, deemed “Sparkling Saturday” by UK retailers, is expected to be a record-breaking day for Prosecco and sparkling wine sales.

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has predicted a mind-blowing amount of 489,000 bottles of bubbly to be purchased in the UK alone on the day. Bearing in mind the fact that Prosecco accounts for 65% of those sales, you’ll be lucky if there’s any left on the shelves for Christmas Eve. Is this really the risk you’re willing to take?

Want to skip the queue and avoid a Proseccoless party? Just plan ahead! You can make life even easier and just get your fizz online, somms and experts hint at online wine shopping as one of the wine trends we’ll see more of in 2018 so we might as well start now. You can get your fizz fix with a few clicks at and