Bubbly Bonanza: Prosecco is About to Get Cheaper

Bubbly Bonanza: Prosecco is About to Get Cheaper

Oh, Prosecco… That vibrant, delicious and affordable sparkling wine from Italy that has conquered the world with the assertiveness of a Roman battalion! Who doesn’t like to be welcomed by a chilled glass of it? Lately, we’ve seen it being offered for free by airlines, contained in eye-catching 3 litre bottles and even in a recently launched “hangover-free” version. Now, it is about to get cheaper, as retailers are battling to offer the bubbly for less.

With consumption multiplying over the last few years (just in the UK alone, they doubled between 2013 and 2014), the increase in demand has sparked a price war that has driven down its price, especially due to competition between Lidl and Aldi for the lower end of the market and the introduction of other inexpensive alternatives such as the Pinot Grigio and Prosecco hybrid Progrigio, launched this year by British supermarket Asda and priced at just £5 per bottle. Hey, there’s even an advent calendar doing the rounds.

Bubbly Bonanza Prosecco is About to Get Cheaper 2

Demand increases have already sparked adjustments in the Veneto, the Italian region from where Prosecco comes from. Earlier this year, a new law allowed producers to harvest 180 tonnes of grapes per hectare instead of the previously permitted 155 tonnes, which will translate in bigger volumes.

Some producers are worried that the price war and measures focused on quantity might threaten Prosecco in the long term. According to The Spirit Business, producers are considering to rise their prices, which will dissuade retailers from selling at extremely low prices.

While decisions are yet to be made, consumers will enjoy a Prosecco bonanza at very competitive prices. If you love Prosecco and can’t resist a bargain, this is the time to stock up.

More information: prosecco.wine

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