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A Match Made in Heaven: Prosecco Donuts are Real and they're Spectacular
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A Match Made in Heaven – Prosecco Doughnuts Combine Two of Our Favourite Things

As National Prosecco Day approaches, there is a new reason to celebrate it this August 13th: Prosecco doughnuts, the product from a collaboration between Italian winemaker Ruffino and The Doughnut Project, a New York based bakery that specialises on the famous ring shaped treat.

These are not their first alcohol inspired doughnuts, and as owner Leslie Polizzotto, explained “because of our track record, we were approached by Ruffino to do a Prosecco doughnut in honour of National Prosecco Day on 13th August.”

The treats are infused with Ruffino Prosecco and just to make them extra decadent, they’re sprinkled with edible gold leaf and pink glitter and sweet pearls. They’re guaranteed to make your Instagram sparkle, our only question is, how wasn’t this invented sooner?

Prosecco doughnuts are priced at $4.25 (€3.63) and they’ll be available during the month of August at The Doughnut Project in West Village NY. If you’re around the big apple, make your next toast with one of these!

If you fancy some Prosecco infused fun closer to town, check out this Prosecco van making the rounds around Ireland.

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