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Prosecco Crackers
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Ho Ho Ho – Prosecco Christmas Crackers are Coming to Town

A favourite Christmas tradition of every Irish family is the pulling of the crackers before and after dinner, during dessert and pretty much at any opportunity given. And though we never seem to tire of the same jokes, trivia questions and silly little novelty gifts within the cracker, there is something much more exciting coming soon.

Yes, Prosecco crackers are now a reality as Virgin Wines have revealed this best kept secret in time for the festive season. Their red and white Yuletide crackers will each contain a 20cl of Senti Prosecco, complete with the traditional party hat and cheesy joke to continue the party well into the night.

The crackers are surely to be in high demand, and with limited stock, the pre-sale only asks for a £5 deposit before paying the remainder of the £32.99 price point.

Prosecco Crackers Wine Crackers
But don’t fret if Prosecco isn’t your tipple of choice as there is also the Wine Crackers set that features six different wines including Black Pig and Les Arbousier. And there’s even a Gin & Tonic Crackers set, which will gift you a miniature Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree tonic water.

Currently only available to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, we are hoping that Virgin Wines soon adds Ireland to its delivery list before we have to resort to the last-minute buys.