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Wine Aid – Italian Wine 6 Bottle Case, Delivered Anywhere in Ireland for Only €75


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It may be coming to the end of Summer and whether you were able to travel or not you can still get a taste of Italy without leaving your home. would like to give you the chance to purchase a special Italian 6 pack of wines to transport your living room to the Mediterranean. Our pack will include a pinot grigio, a prosecco spumante, a pinot grigio rose, a negromaro, a salice salentino and finally a chianti.

Wine Aid are an Irish owned wine delivery website that donate a portion of every bottle sold to an Irish charity the consumer chooses at check out. As we are unable to offer a drop box on purchase on, we will ask each consumer to email their choice of charity to

Consumers will have the choice of 3 charities “Dogs in Distress”, “Friends of the Earth Ireland” or “Woman’s Aid Ireland”. Along with this choice customers will be asked to put their order number in the subject line and include their full name, address (including Eircode) and phone number.

The Wines;

Emotivo Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a modern-day wine phenomenon, where Chardonnay was 10
years ago Pinot Grigio is today. This stylishly named Italian grape
variety has effortlessly found its way on to every Italian restaurant
wine list and most others too. Our Emotivo pinot grigio, is light, crisp
and refreshing with an elegant charm.

Emotivo Prosecco Spumante

Glera is a long-standing synonym of northern Italy’s Prosecco grape, and
the name by which it is now officially known. This green-skinned variety
has been grown for hundreds of years in the Veneto region, most famously
to produce sparkling Prosecco wines.

This classic Prosecco has a bright straw colour with lively aromas of
intense vine fruits. Naturally balanced and graceful.

Camerino Pinot Grigio Rosé

One of the world’s favourite grape varieties made as a wonderfully fresh
and delicate rosé. The north eastern Veneto region of Italy is the home
of Pinot Grigio and Prosecco. The region is dominated by the imposing
Dolomite mountain range to the north and is bordered to the south by the
crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. It is this sublime and unique
landscape, coupled with region’s cool climate that give the wines from
this area the crisp acidity and freshness that we all love.

Corte Ottone Brindisi Riserva

Not far from the city of Brindisi are the ruins of the monastery of
Paolo Eremita, its founder. Walking among the ruins you can still
perceive the spirituality of ancient times and enjoy the reverential
silence that the place imposes.

Near the outer walls, close to the former entrance door, there is the
small courtyard where you can admire a small altar made of brass,
incredibly inviolate. This was the altar where the winemakers and
peasants, at the beginning of the season, deposited their supplications
receiving the blessing for their work. Corte Ottone is inspired by this
legend, celebrating those winemakers who have been able to preserve and
pass on to us the precious grapes that give life to this wine.

Il Tauro Salice Salentino

Salice is a soft yet full-flavoured red from southern Puglia. It is
perhaps the best-known appellation of the region for its inviting fruit
character, blending local varieties Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera. Its
distinctive plum and chocolate character has an attractive underlying
leather and mineral flavours. Full bodied and velvety in the mouth,
chewy tannins and subtle bitterness create a long and lasting finish.

Legio Octava

The Eighth legion (Legio Octava) was among the oldest units in the
imperial Roman army. They were with Julius Caesar when he invaded Gaul
in 58 BCE. The Roman commander mentions the Eighth Legion in his
accounts of the battle against the Nervians and the siege of Gergovia.

Only the finest grapes from the very best locations are selected for the
Legio Octava brand, originating in the Provinces of Siena, Florence,
Pisa, Pistoia and Arezzo. After harvesting the grapes, the must is left
on the skins for six to eight days, in an attempt to extract a richer

Terms & Conditions

– Voucher valid until September 30th, 2021
– Voucher valid for Wine Aid Italian 6 Bottle Case Only
– To organise delivery please email
– Free Nationwide Delivery included
– This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.



Out of stock

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