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Award Winning Chef Gareth Mullins has developed a new 2 Night course covering

With summer around the corner, the goal for this 2-week programme is to make the most of outdoor cooking. Planning the right food is key to a successful garden party. Grilling and BBQing are fantastic ways to cook,  which require some thought and preparation.

I am a big believer in using whatever equipment is available, whether it is a state-of-the earth BBQ, a barbecue grill, a grill or an oven. The course aims at showing you how to best use the equipment you have. 

For me cooking is about flavour: I will be showing you the basic skills and techniques to prepare some simple marinades and sauces to enhance flavour, which you will be able to use throughout the summer and adapt to different ingredients.

When entertaining friends and family, it is important to have the food ready before your guests arrive so that it can be ready last minute with a few simple steps.

The 90-minute-long sessions will focus on using fresh, vibrant, local ingredients and solid cooking techniques to cook delicious food.


The family grill 

The mixed grill – Rib-eye steak, lemon and garlic chicken, lamb koftas.

Garlic sauce, minted yoghurt, chili sauce.

New potato salad with wholegrain mustard, spring onion and egg.

Grilled vegetables with goat’s cheese and orange dressing.

Rocket, baby spinach, parmesan salad.

Cocktail: Sangria punch and tropical fruit punch


Going all out 

Whole turbot with Dublin bay prawns, garlic and chilli  cooked on the BBQ.

Ribs with maple and whiskey cooked on the BBQ.

Vegetables parcels with basil & chili butter.

Beer smoked onions.

Garlic mushroom gratin.

Spiced coleslaw.

Cocktail: Aperol Sprits.


  • The watch & learn cookery experience is sold in cycles of 2 Chapters, one Chapter per week, on Mondays at 7:30pm
  • An information pack including recipes and tips will be sent out on Fridays, so that attendees have time to familiarise themselves with the material.
  • The classes are held on Zoom and an interactive Q&A with Gareth is run via Zoom Chats throughout the class.  A link to the video is sent after class to all participants so if they miss a class, they can watch it back or they can refer back to the video when cooking.
  • The cost of each module is €35. Modules can be bought individually at €35 or as a series of 2 Modules for €55.
  • The first class of the Garden parties & outdoor cooking experience will be held on Monday 10 May. 


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Terms & Conditions

– Voucher is valid for Garden Parties & Outdoor Cooking – BBQ, Smoke & Flames Cookery Course by Chef Gareth Mullins
– The courses will take place by zoom May 10th and May 17th
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– You will receive an email back with a Gift Voucher and instructions on how to attend each course.