The Ultimate Work Perk: Luxury Office to Have “Press for Champagne” Desk Buttons

The Ultimate Work Perk Luxury Office to Have Press for Champagne Desk Buttons

There are some seriously cool workplaces out there. We’ve seen craft beer taps, dog friendly policies and unlimited healthy snacks but this luxurious London office is about to take things to the next level by introducing over-the-top five star perks including a “Press for Champagne” button at staff’s desks.

Enstar Capital, the real estate company behind this opulent £100 million complex which will include two buildings, will equip the Soho location with other amenities such as food lifts which will bring drinks, sushi and caviar to workers. It is expected to open its doors on March 2018.

The offices lie above trendy restaurant Bob Ricard, which is already an Instagram sensation thanks to its “Press for Champagne” buttons on all tables.

Of course there’s a catch, all this pampering is expected to be enjoyed by workers who “host meetings in their offices and work later.” That’s it for work-life balance.

If  you are considering to apply for a job in this fabulous building,  you have a bit less than a year to escalate the ranks of the Londoner financial world.

Other indulgent features of the building will include spa-style executive washrooms modelled after the Gansevoort Hotel in Manhattan, ‘light-speed’ lifts moving at a pace of two seconds per floor, private terraces and balconies and artwork by sculptor Lee Simmons in public areas.


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