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Powers Three Swallows

Powers Three Swallows

Powers-Three-Swallow-ReleaseOnce the biggest brand in Ireland Irish distillers have just released Three Swallows a revival of the old Powers style originally made in their distillery on Thomas street, Dublin.  Irish Distillers are determined to put Powers back on the map. This whiskey has been released with no age statement and has been aged in ex-bourbon & oloroso sherry barrels. The aim was to “capture the pot still essence”. Gordon D’Arcy who attended the launch to champion it, believes it to be one of the best.

On the nose this whiskey has lovely nutty, barley notes along with fig, grapefruit, spice, orange zest & a faint hint of mint.

This is an easy whiskey, all balanced and would be enjoyed by even those who find whiskey overpowering. The softness of the body and smooth fruit flavours make it a relaxed whiskey. All the notes from the nose appear on the palate along with touches of orange blossom, toffee & earthy tones.

A smooth whiskey that can be enjoyed by all.


Wild West SelfieSuzi is passionate about wine, beer and whiskey too, not forgetting a love of food and travel. She has been a part of this industry for a little over 10 years. She has worked on level 4 in WSET during this time and regularly hosts tastings and staff training in these sectors. She has recently started a blog on all wine, beer and spirit related beverages. You can follow her blog at or follow Suzi on Twitter

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