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Porterhouse Brewing Hopped to F**k Review

One of Ireland’s oldest Craft Brewers, The Porterhouse, has a reputation for producing a great range of craft beers, their Plain and Red Ale are among many great brews I enjoy. However with the number of new brewers popping up all over the country bringing out big hoppy IPAs you had to wonder was there life in the old dog yet? The answer is of course a resounding yes.

Hopped to F**k is the latest brew from the Porterhouse Brewing Company. It’s a DIPA (Double Ipa) which prides itself as having double the hops of their ipa HopHead. It’s brewed as an American style using four different hop additions: Belma and Bravo for the bittering with Cascade and Centennial just before the end of the boil. Citra & Simcoe for the hoppy nose with added Citra as a dry hop for even more citrus & tropical fruit aroma. It pours a beautiful rich colour.

I was expecting this to be a heavy one glass only type of drink. But with the sweet malty caramel taste and the bitter finish it leaves you wanting more. I really enjoyed this. It’s a very well balanced and drinkable 8% DIPA and I really hope it stays around as a regular beer. Of Foam & Fury you now have some real competition. Get it while you can in all Porterhouse bars.


JaniceThe better half of the famous www.irishbeersnob.com team, Janice has a real appreciation for global beer and many styles. She is as serious about her beer as she is her famous porter brownies. Despite the name there is no pretension in Janice’s style of writing and she’s more than happy to guide you through the world of international craft beers and ciders. Find her on Twitter @MrsBeerSnob