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Porterhouse Brew Co. Unveils Exciting New Collaboration with Minaw Collective

Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA launched on 24.11.21 at  

Renowned pioneers of craft brewing, Porterhouse Brew Co., is delighted to unveil its exciting new collaboration with MINAW Collective, the all-female street art collective. The brewery has teamed up with Minaw to launch a new beer, a Double New England (DNE) IPA, featuring bespoke, limited-edition artwork from four street artists based in Dublin; Claire Prouvost, Kathrina Rupit, Jess Tobin, and Vanessa Power. 

Beer lovers can check out the new artwork on the limited release 6,000 cans of Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA, from Wednesday, 24th November, with each of the four artists designs featuring on 1,500 cans each. 

And what’s more, the beer can labels have been specially printed to render them easy to peel off in one piece, so that the artwork can be framed and appreciated long after the beer has been enjoyed. 

Commenting on the new launch, Porterhouse Head Brewer, Peter Mosley, says, “The female market for craft beer is growing, and as one of the original craft brewing innovators in Ireland, Porterhouse is delighted to collaborate with the MINAW Collective who contribute so much to Dublin culture through their evocative street art.” 

Each of the artists who worked with Porterhouse on this unique collaboration is renowned for her vibrant, eye-catching work, which has become synonymous with Dublin’s streets, celebrating equality, diversity and tolerance through the medium of street art: 

Claire Prouvost 

Claire Prouvost is a French illustrator and visual artist based in Dublin, with a colourful, bold and minimal style offering a fresh take on the cubist art movement. She loves to diversify her practice from digital illustration to large scale murals and is constantly seeking the perfect dynamic composition by combining angular shapes with soft lines and bold colours. 

Speaking about her Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA design, Claire says“The design was inspired by our visit in the brewery and highlights the mutual support and collaboration in the Minaw collective.”  

Kathrina Rupit (aka kinmx) 

Kathrina Rupit, also known as kinmx, is a Mexican-born artist currently living as a full-time traveling artist based in Dublin. Kathrina’s work is multifaceted in its beauty and appeals to a broad international audience, as evidenced by her success and the demand for her art in cities all around the world. Her works often include images of beautiful women in natural environments, the figures cloaked in colourful robes and garments with flowing multicoloured hair or headdresses. 

Describing the inspiration for her Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA commission, Kathrina says: This art piece is inspired by Masaru Emotos experiment where different words and meanings seem to affect the molecular structure of water. So, behind the main figure I use the symbol of Sri Yantra, a sacred geometry mandala that has many inspiring interpretations, the most important being the one of ‘harmony’.” 

Jess Tobin (aka Novice) 

Jess Tobin AKA Novice is an illustrator, street artist, and pizza loving Dublin native. She is known for her fun illustrations of Irish sayings. On her walls Jess loves to experiment with colour combinations and engaging facial expressions. Her street artist name Novice comes from the fact that she came to the medium of spray painting on walls late and because she believes as a creative person and in life there is always more to learn. 

Jess describes the thinking behind her Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA design: I wanted to create a design that was bright, a bit frivolous and fun. A design that echoed having fun with friends. It was also important to me that it was a good representation of my work as an artist. I think for this type of collaboration it matters that each part should work together to enhance each other and to shine individually. I included a glitter crown so I took that quite literally.”  

Vanessa Power (aka signs of power) 

SIGNS OF POWER is Dublin based lettering artist Vanessa Power who specialises in type-based murals, hand painted signs and gold leaf. Her bold typography conveys a contemporary and timeless urban aesthetic. Her vibrant style acts as a bridge between the traditional craft of sign painting and the arresting aesthetic of the pop art movement.  

For her Porterhouse X MINAW DNE IPA commission Vanessa produced the slogan ‘Never have I ever’ and describes her inspiration: “This slogan was inspired by drinking games and sharing secrets.”  

Launching on 24th November 2021 on and through selected off licences, the new Porterhouse X MINAW Double New England IPA has 8% ABV and is sold in a 440ml can, RRP €6. The beer is also available on draught in Porterhouse bars. Limited edition T-shirts featuring each of the four designs are also available to purchase on the Porterhouse website priced at €30 each, with all profits from each sale going directly to the MINAW Collective artists.

Tasting Notes for Porterhouse X MINAW Collective DNE IPA: 

Aroma / Flavours - Citrus, Tangerine, Apricot, Orange & Coconut Cream 


Mouthfeel - soft with low bitterness & medium carbonation 

Follow Porterhouse Brew Co. on social media:  

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Follow MINAW Collective artists on social media: 

Claire Prouvost @claire.prouvost  

Kathrina Rupit @kinmx  

Jess Tobin @novice_jess  

Vanessa Power @signsofpower  

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