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Tune in to RTE ONE at 8.30pm Tonight for the return of Tastes Like Home with Catherine Fulvio as the Show Returns for a Fifth Series with New Sponsor Belling

First Stop South Africa as Catherine Fulvio visits
Cape Town and Johannesburg

Tastes like Home is proudly sponsored by Belling and in this new eight part series Catherine Fulvio visits families across Ireland who show her how to make their favourite family dishes, before travelling to locations around the world to recreate these ‘tastes like home’ for family members now living abroad. 

Over the eight episodes Tastes Like Home revisits Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, Vancouver and Tiny Township in Canada, San Sebastián and Barcelona in Spain, as well as Dubai & Portland, Oregon to capture eight individual stories, from contestants who refuse to let the physical distance from home curb their appetite for home-cooked meal that “Tastes Like Home”.

This week in episode one, Tastes Like Home is a little different as it looks back at Catherine’s time in South Africa where she visited Cape Town and Johannesburg. Catherine will teach viewers some new recipes including Biltong Bruschetta with Irish Farmhouse Cheese, Nectarines and Balsamic Glaze and a Boerewors, Parmesan    Polenta with a charred onion and mustard gravy. All of these dishes are inspired by local dishes and flavours Catherine experienced whilst visiting South Africa.

Catherine said of her South Africa experience, “A melting pot of wonderful flavours, from Cape Malay to street style in Soweto, but when the production team said that we were going to be trying “Walkie Talkies”, I could never have bene prepared for the grilled Chicken Beaks and Feet! I can’t say that they were delicious but the passion behind the south African food culture had me sold.”

The fifth series of Tastes Like Home is sponsored by Belling, Darren Quinn Belling Sales Manager said, “At Belling we are ecstatic to be in assocation with Catherine Fulvio Tastes Like Home. This new partnership will showcase our innovative products in tandem with Catherine’s memorable meals inspired by viewers suggestions and her diverse cultural expertise and appreciation.  We are extremely proud that Catherine is using Belling appliances in the Tastes Like Home kitchen and we look forward to enjoying the new series and sharing Catherine’s recipes with Belling customers!”


In Johannesburg we meet Laura Greer, who has been friends with Lillian Parkes since meeting in grammar school in Belfast over 35 years ago. Lillian Parkes still lives in Belfast but Laura now resides in Johannesburg, it was Lillian who taught Catherine how to cook Laura’s favourite dish “Lamb Shanks with Bacon & Red Wine, Served with Colcannon Potato”.  

In Johannesburg Catherine visits Soweto and tastes, “Walkie Talkies” a local delicacy of chicken beaks and feet!!. Catherine comes face to face with a cheetah, feeds a giraffe and takes a hot air balloon ride over the ‘Cradle of Humankind’, as well as tasting food from artisan food producers and learning about traditional    tribal dress and customs. 

Laura misses a lot of things from home, but food is top of the list, so when she comes home to visit, she loves nothing better than sitting down to a home cooked dish of lamb shanks with all the trimmings!     In the Botanic Gardens in Belfast we meet Lilian to talk about her close relationship with Laura and watch her rustle up Laura’s favourite dish of lamb shanks served with colcannon, while Catherine observes closely how the dish is made just the way Laura likes it, before she travels to Johannesburg to bring her over a little taste of home!

“It was good to see ‘Tastes Like Home’ in Belfast and it was especially good to link up with my friend Laura in South Africa.  We’ve known each other from school and have shared a lot of adventures in the past and    another one had been long overdue!  I was advised before I met Catherine Fulvio that it would be like a friend I had yet to meet – and they weren’t wrong!  This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I’m looking forward to seeing what the team got up to in South Africa.”. said Lillian Parkes of her Tastes Like Home experience. 

Cape Town

In Cape Town it’s a family affair, with daughter Berenice Beukes whose now resides in Sligo. Berenice reached out to Tastes Like to ask if Catherine could to visit her family in Cape Town Mum Lorraine and sisters Litishia and Tracy-Lee to learn how to make her favourite dish a “Sugar Bean Curry” and then come back to her in Sligo where she now lives to teach her how to cook it, ensuring she will forever have a taste of home with her in Sligo.

In Cape Town, Catherine also visited the 5 star Delaire Graff Wine Estate in Stellenbosch which is owned by the Graff Diamond family, Catherine also meets Zainie Misbach to learn the secrets to making Cape Malay Curries, as well as a trip to the Cape Wheel and the V&A Waterfront.

Laura Greer said of her Tastes Like Home experience, “Wow! If I look back on 2017, this was certainly the highlight of my year. This was a truly unique experience of which I will never forget. I am extremely thankful for being chosen to be part of this series and we had a fantastic few days with Catherine and the team.”

I really enjoyed being part of the Tastes Like Home series… Catherine’s version of the meal and little anecdotes of her time with my family in South Africa was amazing! It was refreshing to be served a real “home” cooked meal… Thank you! “ Berenice Beukes said of meeting Catherine and being served up her home from home meal.  

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