Expand Your Culinary Horizons With a Polish Feast Pop Up Dinner

Polish Feast

On the 11th of November, get ready to enjoy a superb evening of Polish cuisine and fine wine. Created by Marcin Kotwicki, the evening will feature four courses inspired by old Polish cuisine, along with four glasses of wine to match each course.

The date also has special significance as it is Poland’s Independence Day, where the country will celebrate 150 years of freedom.

Growing up in Poland, where he studied at the Polish Catering School, Marcin learned traditional dishes from his grandmother, which he now enjoys experimenting with and putting a modern spin on.

Polish Feast

To begin your Polish feast, you will be served a starter of beef tartare with onion, pickles and mustard alongside quail egg and rye bread.

The next dish of the evening will be crayfish soup with vegetables, saffron and Sichuan pepper. For the main course, you will enjoy duck served with chanterelle mushrooms, elderberry, red wine and vanilla.

To finish your Polish culinary adventure you will be served St. Martin Croissants. A delicious traditional treat made with poppy seeds, almonds, raisins and orange. Hailing from Poznan city, where St.Martin is the patron saint, this dessert is the most fitting end to your meal.

Polish Feast

The dinner will be held in Legit Coffee Co. from 6.00pm – 9.00pm. Tickets for this Polish dinner cost €80 and are available on Eventbrite. Spaces are limited to 14 guests so be sure not to miss out on this delicious dinner.

For more information on the event and for more upcoming events from Marcin, please visit theblueanchor.ie.

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