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A Pint-Less Rule? Ryanair Wants to Cut Down on Passenger Pre-Drinking

Are you a fan of a pre-flight pint or two? Well, you may not be too happy with Ryanair’s latest plan.

Ryanair is calling on UK airports to limit the amount of alcohol passengers drink before boarding a plane due to an increase in disruptive activity among passengers.

The Irish airline wants to restrict airport pre-drinking to two beverages and ban the sale of alcohol before 10am.

Ryanair have already added these measures to their own flights as passengers aren’t allowed tuck into their duty-free booze on board.

In a statement, the airline said: “Ryanair has already taken a number of measures to prevent disruptive behaviour on its UK flights and customers are not permitted to consume their own duty-free purchases on board.”

This isn’t likely to be very well received by flyers who enjoy a tipple before take-off, especially those who take a drink to calm their nerves.

Should these rules take effect, it may not be long before Irish airports are facing a similar limit for their pre-flight pints.

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