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This Millennial Pink Tequila is
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Rosé Lovers Meet Pink Tequila and Never Look Back

The sunny rise of premium tequila has seen the agave spirit becoming one of the most fashionable tipples. From celebrity brands to $30,000 special edition bottles, Jalisco’s finest is having a moment and so is rosé, Instagram’s favourite wine. A newly launched pink tequila merges both trendy drinks into a gorgeous sip that promises to be way more than just a pretty bottle.

Código 1530 Rosa, made by Tequila Código 1530, is made with a base of their blanco (white), which is rested for one month  in uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels.

This Millennial Pink Tequila is

“The result is a refined spirit with a natural color as beautiful as its taste”, they state on their site. It rests just long enough to allow the Cabernet barrels to enrich the natural agave juice giving the spirit a delicate blush without unbalancing the taste.

Described as a tequila with light floral notes, it is ideal to mixed into cocktails and it serves as the base for beautiful Margaritas.

Fancy a picture perfect shot? Rim a shot glass with pink Himalayan salt, fill it with pink tequila and substitute the lime wedge for a slice of pink grapefruit. You can also serve it on an Old Fashioned glass with ice and a dash of fresh pink grapefruit juice.

This Millennial Pink Tequila is

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