Scientist Has Just Invented the First Drip-Free Wine Bottle

No More Wine Tears! Scientist Invents Drip-Free Wine Bottle

You’ve been there, pouring a glass of wine and seeing precious drops of it sticking to the bottle and clumsily falling outside the glass. Not only they are wasted, they can taint your tablecloth or slowly ruin your table. But there’s hope! Physicist Daniel Perlman has developed a drip-free wine bottle that promises to end the awful post-pouring wiping.

Perlman’s design catches the drips without letting them run down the bottle’s neck, effectively avoiding any liquid to fall out of its rightful place in your glass. Besides working in biophysics, Pearlman, who’s a researcher at Brandeis University, US, has registered over 100 patents and has studied glass bottles for the last three years.

His solution consisted in carving a two-milimitre groove below the bottle’s lip that stops the dripping to continue sliding. Gravity then does the rest.

While it might take a while before this innovation becomes a mainstream of wine bottles, it has been reported that Pearlman is contacting producers to present his innovation.

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