Plan Your Perfect Cruise Holiday With This Insta-Worthy Travel Guide

Perfect Cruise Holiday Bank Holiday Weekend

With the popularity of cruises continuing to grow, it can be very hard to figure out which type of experience will make your cruise holdiday perfect.

Luckily, a new guide that will help you narrow down those all-important decisions has been published by price comparison sales site, SeaHub.

Examining over 1.8 million Instagram posts which were tagged on numerous ships sailing travelling across the world’s seas, SeaHub was able to significantly narrow down the most popular cruising experiences.

Perfect Cruise Holidays

The results showed that Royal Caribbean in the most popular cruise line in terms of Instagram tags, raking in more than 630,000 tags. This was followed by Carnival, Disney, Princess and Celebrity cruise lines.

With the popularity of certain ships, SeaHub was also able to discover the most popular cruising destinations, with the Caribbean proving most popular, followed by The Bahamas, Miami, Greece and Australia.

The best part? SeaHub also narrowed down choices based on your own personal holiday preferences, from food and beverage, parties and fun, excursions and relaxation.

For more information about the research and to read some more of the findings, visit To read our feature about how cruising became the coolest new way to travel, click here.

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