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Peregrine Central Otago Pinot Noir 2012 Review – By Frankly Wines

If, like myself, you were mesmerised by both the beauty and variety of the New Zealand landscape in that film series, you might be happy to know that wine is made all over the country, and is often reflective of where it is made – that elusive French term “terroir”.

While the climate in most of New Zealand is influenced by proximity to the oceans, Central Otago in the South Island is more continental and so has colder winters but sunnier summers, perfect for making Pinot Noir. The long growing season and low production make for intense, voluptuous Pinots that are never cheap, but usually worth it.
One of the best I’ve tasted is by Peregrine, whose winery (above) looks somewhat like a UFO crashed into the wilderness. It cossets you like a big velvet armchair and each sip gives untold pleasure. A definite treat for any wine lover.


Peregrine Central Otago Pinot Noir 2012
(RRP €40 – €42 The Corkscrew, Blackrock Cellar, Mortons of Ranelagh, The Wine Workshop and Donnybrook Fair)

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