Pearls are In as Cliff Townhouse host “Pearls of Wisdom with Natasha Sherling”

Pearls are In as Cliff Townhouse host "Pearls of Wisdom with Natasha Sherling"

An enormous 34kg  pearl recently found in The Philippines is potentially the biggest in the world and worth more than $100 million dollars. It is thought that the fisherman who found it kept it under his bed for ten years as a good luck charm. If it is proved to be genuine, the pearl will hugely surpass current champion The Pearl of Lao Tzu, also found in Palawan, weighing in at a paltry 6.4kg and valued at $93 million!

Luckily for us, pearls don’t need to be basket ball sized to cause an impression. The classic piece, associated with elegance and fragility, has had a revival in recent years as seen on The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry.

As part of Dublin’s Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival this September, acclaimed Irish gemmologist and jeweller Natasha Sherling introduces ‘A World of Pearls’ on Monday September 12 from 6pm. The Masterclass will explore the history and range of pearls, along with tips for choosing and maintaining these stunning, timeless pieces. Natasha will offer on-site appraisals and ideas for refurbishing pearls.

Places are very limited and tickets cost €20, which includes a Champagne and Oyster reception, available from Cliff Townhouse on 01 6383939.

And speaking of pearls, these beautiful jewels are not the only oyster-related wonder that the Cliff Townhouse has in-store.  The Cliff Townhouse Oyster Festival returns for the fifth time this year, from September the 5th to October 2nd at 22 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Throughout the month of September, attendees will enjoy an extended Oyster Menu featuring premium Irish oyster selections, a limited edition Cliff Oyster Cocktail Menu, exclusive wine pairings and glasses of crisp, cool Moet & Chandon. The Festival will also run Cliff Townhouse Pearls of Wisdom, an engaging masterclass series of food, fashion and wellness, celebrating the versatilty of the glorious oyster.

For reservations, masterclass tickets, festival details and menus see

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