Pea And Herb Pancakes
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Pea And Herb Pancakes With Watercress And Poached Eggs Recipe By Kate Harrison

There’s so much to love about these: they look gorgeous on the plate and they taste delicate and sophisticated. They’re also made mostly from freezer and storecupboard ingredients.

The perfect brunch or supper for two: or for cooking two days running – just keep the batter covered in the fridge and give it a quick mix before using.

Serves 2


Pancakes (127 cal per serving)

– 150g frozen peas (90 cal)
– Good bunch/10g chopped herbs, such as dill, mint or chives (5 cal)
– 1 egg (66 cal)
– 1 tbs cornflour (57 cal)
– 5g butter (36 cal) or 5ml oil (41 cal)
– Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Topping (95 cal per serving)

– Splash of vinegar
– 2 eggs (132 cal)
– 20g watercress (5 cal)
– 2 level tbs half-fat crème fraiche (52 cal)


1. Cook the peas in a pan of boiling water or in the microwave according to the packet instructions. Meanwhile, bring some water to the boil in a medium saucepan to poach the eggs for topping the dish.
2. Blend the cooked peas and chopped herbs using a hand blender, reserving a few herb leaves for garnish. Add the egg and cornflour and blend until well mixed. Season well.
3. Heat the butter or oil in a large non-stick frying pan, and when hot, make 4 pancakes by spooning 2 level tablespoons of the pea batter per pancake into onto the pan, keeping the pancakes separate (if you don’t have a large enough pan, do this in two batches, keeping the first set warm on a plate in a low oven while you cook the others).
4. Cook over a high heat for 2–3 minutes until the bottoms are lightly browned and the tops are set enough to turn. Turn carefully using a spatula and knife and lower the temperature, then cook for another 2–3 minutes.
5. Meanwhile, poach the eggs: add a splash of vinegar to the pan with the boiling water. Break your eggs into a cup. Create a whirlpool in the water with a fork or whisk and, with your other hand, slip the eggs into the middle of the saucepan as gently as possible. Turn off the heat and set a timer for 3 minutes. After that time, check that the egg whites have set before removing from the saucepan using a slotted spoon. Place gently onto a plate lined with kitchen roll to absorb the excess cooking water.
6. Arrange the watercress on one side of a plate and place two pancakes alongside. Place the poached egg on top of the pancakes and spoon the crème fraiche next to it, topped with the reserved herb leaves. Season and serve immediately.


– The pancakes are delicious with a little mustard powder added to the mixture, or with French mustard on the side. They also go well with other breakfast items such as fried mushrooms or veggie sausages: serve with baby spinach rather than watercress if you prefer.


Kate Harrison is the author of 17 fiction and non-fiction books, including The 5:2 Diet Book, The Secret Shopper’s Revenge, and the Soul Beach trilogy for teenagers. Her newest book is 5:2 Veggie and Vegan – after 3 decades as a veggie, Kate knows her greens! Kate loves to cook, to read and to travel. She’s lived in the Netherlands and Spain, before settling by the seaside in Brighton.

Taken from 5:2 VEGGIE & VEGAN by Kate Harrison, published by The Orion Publishing Group Food photography by Faith Mason, author photography by Chris O’Donovan.