Cork Rebels Against Major Chain Cafes in a Bid to Protect Patrick’s Street

Cork pexels-free photo Starbucks

Cafe chains may not be very popular in Cork city, which is known for its extensive array of independent coffee houses, given a rejection in planning permission for two international coffee companies.

UK coffee chain, Caffè Nero, has been refused planning permission for a proposed new coffee shop on Patrick’s Street in Cork city.

They were hoping to open a new store across the street from Starbucks, converting it from retail to coffee-shop use. The chain currently has nine stores in Ireland, with eight in Dublin.

This news comes as the Starbucks on Patrick’s Street has been ordered to close due to a lack of planning permission for their use of the former 02 store.

Planners in City Hall first brought the issue to An Bord Pleanála‘s attention in 2015, and they agreed with Cork City Council that planning permission was required.

Patrick's Street

Starbucks then removed the tables, seats and toilets from the store, arguing the location operated strictly as a takeaway and was, therefore, a shop rather than a cafe. However, An Bord Pleanála ruled in March that removing the seating didn’t alter the situation.

Under Cork City’s current development plan, Patrick’s Street is designed to be a retail area with any new stores being restricted to high-end retail and fashion.

Offices, takeaways, convenience stores, pubs, nightclubs, mobile phone shops, betting shop and restaurants are all banned from Patrick’s Street.

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