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Patatas a lo Pobre Recipe from Las Tapas De Lola

Patatas a lo pobre comes in 1000s of guises in Spain. This is our favourite version. Being half-Irish
in Lola, it’s a match made in heaven – potato and black pudding. Perfect served directly to your
guests or delish the next day too after the oils have had time to seep through the spuds.
Serves 8+


Step 1
• 800gm sliced (5mm) washed & peeled waxy potatoes – Maris Pipers ideal
• 200gm white onions
• 150ml white wine
• 3gm salt
• 50ml olive oil

Step 2
• 100gm sliced red peppers
• 100gm sliced green peppers
• 5ml olive oil

Step 3
• 40gm crushed garlic
• 5gm Spanish smoked paprika
• 150ml olive oil
• 500gm morcilla (Spanish Black Pudding or Irish black pudding if you can’t source Spanish)


Step 1
• Layer (x 3) the sliced onion and potato in a small roasting tray (roughly 24cm x 30cm) with
the white wine, olive oil and salt.
• Cover with a layer of wet parchment paper and then with a lid.
• Place in the oven at 180 degrees for 60 mins until fully cooked.

Step 2
• Finely slice the red & green peppers.
• Cook through in a pan with the olive oil.
• Keep to the side for garnish later.

Step 3
• Remove the outer skin of the black pudding & crumble into a medium size pan.
• Combine with the garlic, paprika & olive oil and fry on a low heat to make a paste. Be
careful not to overcook this mixture.
• The oils / jus from the pan will be perfect for the potatoes! Use ever drop.
• Completely cover the cooked potato (in the Step 1 roasting tray) with this mixture using a
spatula to spread.
• Garnish with the fried green & red peppers
To serve
• Slice into portions, roughly 11cm x 7cm (based on above roasting tray)

Las Tapas De Lola

Vibrant, atmospheric Spanish place offering authentic and inventive tapas creations and wines. Address: 12 Wexford St, Dublin 2, D02 FK71
Phone: (01) 424 4100

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