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Party Bread Recipe by Robert Humpries
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Party Bread Recipe by Robert Humpries

This party bread recipe is a lovely table decoration that can be eaten with soup, paté or any meal.

Makes 1 loaf (recipe can be halved to fit a 20cm tin, making 8 x 50g rounds, having one surrounded by 7)


500g strong flour
10g salt
60g soft butter
15g caster sugar
120g water
100g milk
50g egg
20g yeast, dried yeast (but not fast-acting yeast) may be used at half the quantity of fresh yeast


1. Bring the water and milk to the correct temperature (see Baker’s Tip, p149).
2. Disperse the yeast and the caster sugar in the water and milk mixture.
3. Add the flour, salt, butter and the egg to the liquid and mix to a well-developed dough. Dough temperature: 26ºC. Fermentation time: 60 minutes. Knock back after 45 minutes. Scaling weight: 19 pieces at 45g.
4. Form into a ball shape. Keep covered.
5. Final mould round, egg wash and dip in alternate seeds, poppy, linseed, sunflower, sesame, to top as desired.
6. Place in a papered or greased 25cm loose-bottomed tin.
7. Start with one in the centre, surrounded by six in the middle ring and an outer ring of twelve.

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