Talk About ‘Fizztastic’ News – Paris is Installing Sparkling Water Fountains Around The City


Whether you’re a fan of still or sparkling water, the latest news coming out of Paris is sure to tickle your tastebuds and add a sparkle to your life.

When people think about Paris, images of class and sophistication come to mind, especially when considering the city’s food and drink.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that the city of lights is installing sparking water fountains, because who really wants to drink still water.

Paris actually already has nine sparkling water fountains, with the first being launched on October 27th, but the city is hoping to extend this fizzy pleasure to all of its 20 districts.

Sparkling Water Fountains

As well as satisfying the taste buds of its residents, the city of Paris is hoping that the sparkling water fountains will reduce the overall amount of plastic waste produced.

This is a great initaive and one we can definitely get behind. Now all we need is for Paris to install Champagne fountains!

For more information about Paris or to plan your next trip to the City of Light, make sure to have a read of our Paris Food and Drink Guide for those times when you want a little bit more than sparkling water.

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