Pamela Anderson Launches Wine Range ‘Contempt’

Baywatch star turned activist and author Pamela Anderson is adding to her CV once more as she enters the world of viniculture.

Joining the ever expanding ranks of celebrity winemakers such as Brad and Angelina, Graham Norton and Drew Barrymore, Pamela has teamed up with The Hatch Winery in West Kelowna, Canada for her new project.

Working in her native British Columbia with songwriter turned winemaker Jason Parkes, Pamela will be releasing six wines in her ‘CONTEMPT’ range, the first of which is a sparkling Brut Rosé.

In a statement on the website for her charitable foundation she reveals her inspiration…

“Inspired by, French cinemas, the dangerous fall, The unlucky turn – drama, glamour, Art, love, fashion, … Contempt – I wanted these wines to convey a feeling, A message, a warning, something romantic, Real, with a “pink” edge – The artist – Connor Tingley and wine maker – Jason Parkes share that edge, The fine line – Contempt ends, Where love begins – Forgiveness, Always a battle – Wishing you Love, Pamela.”

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