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Let Them Eat Oysters – France is Now Home to a 24 Hour Oyster Vending Machine

Convenience and instant gratification are key in this digital age, and now those of us who enjoy knocking back an oyster or two can rejoice at the fact that our favourite slippery indulgence is keeping up with the times. Oyster vending machines are now a thing, and French couple Brigitte and Tony Berthelot are to thank.

Oyster farmers on Île de Ré, a small island off of the western coast of France where they run an oyster farm and shop called L’Huitrière de Ré, the couple realised they were missing out on sales outside of business hours and the idea of a 24 hour service was born.

Oyster Vending Machine

Oyster aficionados can select from a range of oyster varieties and even order their oysters via text, as well having the option of enjoying add-ons like pâté or seaweed with orders made in advance. Prices range from about €7 for a dozen oysters – serious value indeed!

Also, there is no need to fear the dreaded shellfish poisoning, as the machine is restocked every morning and the oysters are sold closed or unshucked, so the risk is extremely low.

Love or hate oysters, you have to admire the gastronomic innovation behind the oyster vending machine! For more information visit

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