Chocolate Recipes World Chocolate Day 2022
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Our Top 10 Chocolate Recipes To Celebrate World Chocolate Day 2022 on July 7th

Over the years we have collected some of the finest chocolate recipes from chefs, venues and contributors. You have given us your feedback on these recipes, so to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2022 on July 7th, we have compiled the top 10 Chocolate recipes for you to try at home. Why not send us your attempts of these amazing chocolate dishes on our social media, we would love to see them.

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe by Sinead McDonagh

Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe by Sinead McDonagh World Chocolate Day 2022

Traditionally biscuit cakes were made to use up all of the broken biscuits left at the end of the packet. However, over the last few years the humble biscuit cake has taken a modern twist and is as popular as ever. While very simple to make, this no-bake cake is one of my favourites.

Scrumptious Chocolate Bombe Recipe from Avoca

Scrumptious Chocolate Bombe Recipe from Avoca World Chocolate Day 2022

This is Avoca’s version of the chocolate biscuit cake above but this one is a little more indulgent. With its mixture of different chocolate types, this cake recipe is sure to bring some happy faces to the dinner table on World Chocolate Day 2022.

Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Recipe with Salted Caramel Sauce by Neven Maguire

Neven-Maguire-Brownie-recipe-World Chocolate Day 2022

There is definitely something about chocolate that’s addictive. It contains several stimulants, including caffeine and pleasure-inducing endorphins. This is an intensely chocolatey brownie recipe, which gets smothered in a salted caramel sauce. If the brownies have gone cold and you want to heat them up in a hurry, pour over some of the sauce and flash under a hot grill until bubbling. Recipe by Nevin Maguire

Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Brownies Recipe by Joanne Eve

Lotus Biscoff Chocolate Brownies World Chocolate Day 2022

Joanne Byrne has always had a love for all things culinary! With a serious love of baking and cooking, along with eating gorgeous food. As a child, Joanne would always watch cooking demonstrations instead of cartoons, to say she started her food journey at a young age is no exaggeration! Inspired by many amazing people within her family, Joanne’s grandparents, aunts, her amazing mother and fellow foodie Dave! Food and fashion are Joannes’s key interests. “I adore creating new recipes and trying new flavors! Especially with whatever I have left in the fridge, it’s all about getting creative with what we have! I hope you enjoy the recipe, you can find me on Instagram Joanne__Eve. Happy Baking! Joanne”

Raspberry and White Chocolate Pavlova Recipe by Neven Maguire

Raspberry and White Chocolate Pavlova Recipe by Neven Maguire World Chocolate Day 2022

This is a variation of a recipe handed down to me by my mother, Vera. Mum was a great cook, and at one stage ran the restaurant as well as cooking for a family of nine. She loved to cook this dessert at family get-togethers. You can enjoy this all year around, using whatever fruits are in season. Feel free to make it the day before, but don’t fill it until you are nearly ready to serve. A good pavlova should have a gooey, sticky centre, almost like a marshmallow. By Nevin Maguire

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart Recipe by Chef Shane Smith

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart World Chocolate Day 2022

Is there anything more glorious that the marriage of velvety sweet chocolate and tart raspberries? No, I didn’t think so! This dark chocolate raspberry tart recipe is a fun and flirty summer favourite. Recipe by Chef Shane Smith

Chocolate and Cherry Buns Recipe by The Hairy Bikers

Cherry Chocolate Buns World Chocolate Day 2022

These Chocolate and Cherry Buns by The Hairy Bakers are a variation on a classic chelsea bun that’s got all done up for a party. Of all the sweet things we’ve ever made on set, we’ve never seen anything disappear so fast. They’re naughty but very, very nice. Makes 10–12 buns.

White Chocolate Rocky Road Recipe by Darina Coffey

White Chocolate Rocky Road Recipe by Darina Coffey

I fondly refer to this white chocolate rocky road recipe as blonde rocky road, as scattered with highlights of golden homemade honeycomb, salted popcorn and dark chocolate these bars of deliciousness have far more fun than their brunette counterpart!

Making your own honeycomb is far simpler than you would imagine and I would definitely recommend making extra to dip in chocolate – voila, homemade crunchie bars! If you would like to make it even easier, chop up some crunchie bars and feel free to get creative with your mix ins – I love salted popcorn to counteract the sweetness, but pretzels are delicious in this too, as are salted crackers like Ritz. Recipe By Darina Coffey

Molten Chocolate Pudding Recipe by Donna Hay

Molten Chocolate Pudding Recipe by Donna Hay World Chocolate Day 2022

Create this Molten Chocolate Pudding recipe by Donna Hay for an extra indulgent treat. This is the perfect dessert to warm yourself as the evenings continue to get colder. This will surely make World Chocolate Day 2022 a day to remember.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Recipe By Anna Burke

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich Recipe By Anna Burke World Chocolate Day 2022

Thin, Crisp-Edged, Chewy centered chocolate chip cookies sandwiched around a silky chocolate cream cheese mousse. Just the right size and perfect for one… you will not want to share these!! Recipe supplied to by Anna Burke

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