Our Refund Policy

The Service

The service is provided in order to enable you to Purchase Vouchers advertised on the website.
If you Purchase Vouchers on this Website, the Seller and not TheTaste.ie is:
(a) the seller of the Voucher Products;
(b) solely responsible for redeeming any Voucher you Purchase; and
(c) solely responsible for supplying the Voucher Products to you in accordance with the description provided on the Voucher and for the Voucher Products themselves.
To use the Service and make a Purchase you must be 18 years of age or over.

The Transaction

If you choose to purchase a Voucher advertised on the Website you will need to complete the necessary steps as per the instructions set out on the Website. On entering your Payment Details, you authorise us to charge you for the cost of the Exclusive Offer.

A contract for purchase of the Voucher Products shall only be made between you and the Seller when we email you confirming the Purchase has completed successfully. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide a valid email address when you purchase a voucher and to ensure that you check your spam folders in the event that you have not received the confirmation email.
By making a Purchase, you acknowledge that the Purchase is made subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Subject to the terms of the respective Exclusive Offers we will:

(a) email confirmation that the purchase has been completed to you at the email address which you provided to us upon purchase of the Voucher; and
(b) make the Voucher available for download by you;
We shall retain the details of the Purchase provided by you but we will not retain any payment details such as your credit card or PayPal details in a manner accessible by staff of TheTaste.ie.

Redemption of the Vouchers

Once the Voucher has been made available on the website it shall be redeemable by you from the Seller for the specified Voucher Products during the redemption period specified on the Voucher. Expiry dates are clearly outlined on vouchers and it is your responsibility to redeem your voucher before the defined expiry date. Expired vouchers cannot be refunded.

The Seller shall honour its obligation to provide Voucher Products upon the presentation of the Voucher by you, other than in the event of fraud or where that redemption would breach Applicable Laws.

The restrictions, if any, in relation to the combination of redemption of the Voucher with any other promotions, vouchers, third party certificates, coupons or other conditions shall be at the discretion of the Seller and shall be set out on the face of the Voucher and/or on the Website in accordance with the terms advertised in relation to the respective Exclusive Offer.

Where your Voucher has reached or is past the redemption period set out at the time of the promotion of the Exclusive Offer, it shall be deemed to have expired. Expired Vouchers will not be honoured by the Seller unless specific arrangements have been made with that seller.

Full refund of voucher is available within 14days of the original purchase date. After that, we endeavour to make “Taste Credit” available for up to 365 days after the original purchase date, where possible. You can apply for a refund by visiting the “My Voucher” section of the website where you will find full instructions on how to apply for this refund. If you have any questions on this refund policy please contact info@thetaste.ie

For Merchants using our management console, all payments due to venues are for served customers only, by law JFG Digital Limited must be able to complete refunds direct to customers who have not been served. In accordance with GDPR laws we can only disclose the email addresses of the customers you have served. Due to National Consumer Law meaning we have to allow 14 days after the campaign validity has expired to issue payments. By clicking the Redeem button below you are confirming you have fully served that customer. Fraudulently Redeeming Vouchers will result in a full paper audit of this campaign.

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