Null Stern Hotel Switzerland
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Is This the Most Beautiful Hotel View in the World?

Sleeping under the stars and surrounded by the most beautiful views is the stuff of dreams.

The only downside of course is sleeping on the grown surrounded by bugs. That’s where Switzerland’s pop-up hotel room comes in handy.

Null Stern, which means “zero stars” in German, has opened for a second summer season. This year, the hotel room is situated 1,2000 metres above sea level on a mountain.

Switzerland’s stunning landscape are the hotel’s walls as guests can take in the scenic coutnryside of the Appenzell region.

This unique accommodation moves to a different location every year, with Null Stern co-founder, Daniel Charbonnier, speaking to Gourmet Traveller and saying: “We got rid of all the walls so Switzerland itself becomes the hotel.”

Charbonnier co-founded the company with conceptual artists, Frank and Patrik Riklin. In 2009, the first hotel was located in a nuclear bunker, but was moved outdoors last year.

Null Stern

Local residents are recruited as butlers so while you may not have a toilet, you have your very own butler.

For the first time this year, guests will be served breakfast in bed and be delivered news headlines and weather from their butler, who will speak through an empty TV frame.

Worried about rain? Don’t be. Whenever if rains, guests are escorted to an alpine hut 100 metres away, which is also where you’ll find the nearest bathroom.

The hotel room, which will set you back 295 Swiss Francs (roughly €268) per night, is already booked out for this year.

Those interested will have to keep their eye out for next year’s booking options. For more information, visit the Null Stern Hotel’s website here.