Dry Ginuary
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Not doing Dry January? Why Not Try Dry Ginuary Instead?

Dry January is a super idea for those who wish to detox or lose some weight over the month of January, but did you know that having a gin can be beneficial to the cause?? You’ll be delighted to know that gin is one of the lowest calorie containing beverages and with its neutral spirit and fresh herbs and botanicals as ingredients, it can help with your detox too!

So there no better reason to give Dry Ginuary a TRY and have a taste of the top quality dry gins Ireland has to offer!

What is a Dry Gin you say? Well, there are a few different types of gin, Distilled, Old Tom, and Genever to name a few. but Dry Gin, often called London Dry Gin (but not necessarily produced in London), is a spirit that is often the benchmark when defining gin and is one of the most widely produced gins out there.

It has specific rules in which it is produced a certain way to be officially called London dry. It needs to be made in a traditional still and have the presence of only approved natural flavourings (nothing artificial) and be a minimum strength of 70% abv at the time of distillation, and no colourings or sweeteners can be added.

Here are a few of Irelands finest Dry gins that I recommend you try this Dry Ginuary.

Dry GinuaryThin Gin Dry Irish Gin

A beautiful Irish Dry Gin based in Waterford City and has citrus notes. Botanicals include fragrant apple, wild thyme, elderflowers, white clover and tansy.

ABV 40%

Approx €36.00 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop and O’Briens Wine

Dry GinuaryChinnery Dublin Dry Gin

Chinnery Gin is a superb Dublin Dry Gin Inspired by the Old China Trade and its design is based on the Dublin architecture.

With sweet floral notes, it contains unique botanicals such as Oolong Tea, Cassia Bark, Osmanthus Flower, Liqourice Root, orange peel, grains of paradise and many more.

ABV 43%

Approx €50.00 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop and O’Briens

Dry GinuaryBallykeefe Extra Dry Irish Gin

A fulfilling dry gin from Kilkenny, with citrus notes and contains botanicals such as Cubeb peppers, elderflower, pink grapefruit and cassia which are then vapour infused through their copper pot still before being hand blended. Yummy!

ABV 40%

Approx €47.50 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dry GinuaryDublin City Dry Irish Gin

Dublin City Gin, self-described as an Irish Gin with a Dublin accent, its profile is a zesty smooth flavour with a rhubarb tint.

They grow their organic rhubarb along the banks of the Grand Canal and uses an Irish Milk spirit as its base.

ABV 42%

Approx €56.95 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dry GinuarySt. Patrick’s Extra Dry Irish Gin

St. Patrick’s Gin from Cork have a wide range but this Extra Dry Gin is quite special, with a floral nose and sweet spicy palate, this gin uses a potato spirit as its base.

ABV 40%

Approx €16.95 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dry GinuaryBlackwater No. 5 Dry Irish Gin

Blackwater Gin is distilled in Waterford and It balances the juniper notes of a traditional London Dry with coriander, cinnamon, lemon, bitter orange, bitter almond, myrtle pepper amoung others.

ABV 41.5%

Approx €29.99 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dry GinuaryHa’Penny Dublin Dry Gin
Ha’penny Dry Gin draws inspiration from Victorian Dublin and the botanicals found in the walled gardens in Phoenix Park.

It has a delicious citrus floral palate which includes blackberries, lavender, geranium and dandelion flowers among other popular botanicals.

ABV 41%

Approx €39.99 – Available at Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dry GinuaryJohn is a gin enthusiast whose passion for gin was born while working as an off-licence manager, where he started a blog to help spread the word of Irish gin to Ireland and the world.

On the weekends he loves to experiment with gins and craft cocktails at home and has changed his mind on his favourite gin over 40 times. He is still searching for his next favourite.

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