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Norwegian Sky
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Your Dreams of Sleeping Under The Norwegian Sky Are About to Become a Reality

Sleeping under the Norwegian Sky and taking in the stars are about to become an even more amazing experience.

An astronomical research observatory centre north of Oslo is planning to bring the stars even closer to us.

The Solobservatoriet is set to have a new glowing planet-like dome that will rise up from the landscape.

The dome, which will be engraved with constellations, will feature seven cabins, perfect for overnight stays.

Inside the planetarium, which is designed to blend into the natural forest landscape, visitors will be able to see and learn about the stars above and also the spectacular Northern Lights.

Unfortunately, this unique planetarium accommodation isn’t due to be completed until 2020, but when it is finished, it will be the largest astronomical centre north of the Alps.

Would you want to stay here? We definitely would. While we wait for the observatory cabins to be completed, why not explore some more of the world’s most fascinating accommodations, including Treepod Dining in Thailand and and Underwater Accommodation in The Maldives.

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