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Juniper All Day Long with the World's First Non-Alcoholic Gin
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Juniper All Day Long with the World’s First Non-Alcoholic Gin

Loving the juniper but not drinking tonight? You can still get that G&T refreshing feeling with none of the ABV as Danish gin brand Herbie has just launched the world’s first non-alcoholic gin. Named Herbie Virgin, it’s made with lavender, orange peels and apples.

After its success in the Scandinavian country over the past six months, Herbie has started to look for export opportunities for Herbie Virgin, specially within the European market and the UK.

The alcohol-free gin is produced in North Jutland where herbs and water from the Herbie’s own drilling are distilled on small pot-stills.

Anders Bilgram, the distillery’s CEO, said “It has been very interesting to develop a product with the taste of gin, but without the alcohol.” Herbie Virgin is 0.0% ABV and the company is currently producing 200,000 bottles per year but has confirmed that the recipe is scalable and that it plans to multiply by five over the next five years.

“We believe there is a big market for alcohol-free alternatives for people who don’t drink or just want to drink less alcohol”, said Anders.

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