Noma is Hosting an Invite-Only Pop Up in NYC this Weekend that Costs $2,000 Per Person

Copenhagen-based and former four-time winner of the World’s Best Restaurant title Noma will be serving an invite-only dinner in New York this weekend that will set privileged diners back a casual $2,000 per person.

While that figure might sound like a ludicrous amount of money to spend on something that by nature is gone in a matter of hours but the series of dinners at Manhattan’s members-only club Spring Place are already sold out.

This is not the first time René Redzepi’s fine-dining restaurant has sprung up outside Copenhagen, the prices of which also raised a few eyebrows.

However this weekend’s pop up makes the $339 tickets for Noma’s 2016 pop up in Australia and dinner at Noma Mexico this summer, which cost $600, look like a steal.

Pockets of the members of the exclusive Spring Place are far from shallow though, with the ‘community of creative elites’ each paying paying $900 per month on top of a $2,000 initiation fee.

The former number one restaurant in the world recently confirmed that Noma 2.0 is still on track to open in December and that the creative team is currently traveling through the Nordic region to revisiting current collaborators and seeking out new ones.

The rest of the 30 strong team haven’t stayed idle however, with sous chefs and restaurant managers collaborating to open their own “outdoor, family style, open fire restaurant” popup restaurant in the Danish city, called Under the Bridge, which ran from 19th of July until the 3rd of September..

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