Noki & Co.
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Introducing Noki & Co. – Your New Favourite Alcohol Free Beverage!

For those who are taking a night off drinking but still want to enjoy sipping on a tasty beverage, this new Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic flavoured premixed drink from Noki & Co. could solve your problems.

Noki & Co. is a new range of adult alcohol-free drinks that are set to launch in pubs and restaurants across Ireland. The drink is aimed at designated drivers, or anyone looking to avoid the side effects of alcohol.

The first product to launch in the Noki & Co. range is a delicious Gin & Tonic flavoured drink aimed at gin lovers who are searching for an alcohol-free option when opting not to drink alcohol. This new low-calorie drink from Irish start-up RTM Beverages is set to provide a new drink option in the drinks industry, as more consumers seek out alcohol-free options. Just in time for ‘dry January’.

Noki & Co.

According to a spokesperson at RTM Beverages, “People are drinking less alcohol in general. While there are lots of alcohol-free beer options the choice is still pretty limited for anyone who is not a beer fan. People are looking for alternatives to tea, coffee, water or fizzy drinks while out socialising but not drinking alcohol. With Noki & Co. consumers can join in on the night out and still drive home”

The drink is made using distilled juniper berries, which is the main ingredients in gin, along with other hand-picked natural botanicals to give a true Gin & Tonic taste. The alcohol is then removed, leaving a flavoursome drink without the risk of a hangover.

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