Details of the Next Pop Up at The Pigeon House Restaurant Clontarf Revealed

The Pigeon House Clontarf

This May chef patron Brian Walsh of the much-loved neighborhood bistro The Pigeon House Clontarf put a spin on the pop-up trend beginning a series that would see he hand over the reigns of the kitchen to his own chefs, creating a ‘pop-in’ of sorts.

The innovative dining series, titled Pigeon Projects, kicked up with a successful supper from sous chef Sam Kindillon and next to launch a kitchen takeover is chef Dan Duffy, who on Wednesday 19th July will serve a menu dedicated entirely to ‘Comfort Food.’

Diners can choose to start the evening with Bacon and Caramelized Onion Brioche with Chicken Butter, Scotch Egg, or a combination of Chicken, Celery and Blue Cheese.

Following a palate cleanser of Lemon Sherbet main course options include a chilli spiked Fish Cake, The Project Burger, and a comfort food classic Cheese n’ Mac.

For dessert chef Duffy gets creative with dishes curiously named ‘Brunch’ and ‘Fig Roll’. If like us these are two of our favourite things we suggest getting to Clontarf next Wednesday for the big reveal.

Brian Walsh Pigeon House

Speaking about Pigeon Projects Brian Walsh said: “I came up with the concept of giving the kitchen over to one of my chefs, once a month, to do what they want. We have chefs from Spain, Czech Republic and elsewhere. We have chefs that are interested in a natural, rustic style of plating, rustic, and others that prefer a more refined and precise way of plating. They are all interested in different restaurants or trends, like fermentation.”

“There’s a huge buzz about it and a lot of them already have their menus drafted up. They are all excited to help out the other guys, and there’s a big sense of camaraderie.”

“For me it’s great because they get a chance to see what it’s like to run a kitchen. They can’t just say I’m going to do a menu with turbot, foie gras and caviar – it has to work; they have to cost it; it has to make money.”

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