Is this the Next Frosé? Meet your New Summer Cocktail Boss

Is this the Next Frosé? Meet your New Summer Cocktail Boss

If you were around in 2016 (and we all know, you were) you might have seen a summery cocktail brilliantly named Frosé all over social media. The drink in question, a slushie made out of rosé wine was all the rage but now it’s time to move on and embrace our new seasonal cocktail overlord: the Aperol Spritz Float.

A New York bar named Dante, which is known for making one of the best Negronis in NYC, has started to serve it. The bar’s head bartender, Naren Young, has teamed up with Old Fellows Ice Cream Co to create a drink that combines a scoop of Aperol sorbet with sparkling rosé.

The cocktail is part of Dante’s Summer of the Spritz cocktail program and is described on as the combination of a scoop of Aperol sorbet made by Old Fellows, which retains the alcohol, served on a well chilled coupe glass and topped with cold sparkling rosé.

DIY Aperol Spritz Float

If you want to make it at home, you can combine Aperol with simple syrup and churn it on an ice cream machine (about 1 part Aperol per 5 parts of syrup, but feel free to experiment and maybe add some citrus zest or raspberries). Let it freeze until firm and serve a scoop on a chilled coupe glass. Top with sparkling rosé, just to keep the Italian vibe, we’d suggest pink Prosecco!


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