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Newly Opened and Booming with Regulars: Brú House Fairview - Bar Review
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Newly Opened and Booming with Regulars: Brú House Fairview – Bar Review

Craft culture has well and truly seeped its way down every meandering lane and side street between the canals of Dublin city centre. With the exception of some true traditionalists, it’s hard to find a pub or bar that doesn’t stock what would be considered an Irish craft beer. This trend is reflected in much of the other cities and larger towns the country over, however the cultural shift has taken longer to permeate smaller suburban areas and villages.

Having lived around the North Strand area for a number of years I have witnessed first hand the slow wheels of gentrification turning, as greasy spoon ‘cafs’ gave way to barista driven brunch spots and chippers morphed into word-fired pizzerias. Each time a pub would reopen under new management I would wait with bated breath hoping to see the familiar crests of craft breweries gracing the bar top. Unfortunately I was left to wait in vein.

Newly Opened and Booming with Regulars: Brú House Fairview - Bar Review

That wait, it appears, has thankfully come to an end as Brú Brewery last month opened what is now their second premises, Brú House Fairview. Until last month’s opening, the nearest good selection of craft on draft meant a twenty minute stroll towards town but now the neighbourhood pub, located right in the heart of Fairview seems a far more convenient option for these coming cold and damp winter nights.

Newly Opened and Booming with Regulars: Brú House Fairview - Bar Review

That’s not to say that Brú House Fairview itself isn’t worth the journey, as the prices alone are reason enough to justify a visit. Stocking their own range on draft from prices as low as €4.60 a pint it’s hard to see how they could be rivaled on value for money.

Brú has a well-rounded core range with a stout, lager, IPA, red ale, pilsner and even a cider to sample and there are flights (tasting trays) available if you fancy a little of each. It’s important to note that although this is a Brú brewery bar, they do have options form other breweries available too in bottles or from one of the rotating guest taps.

Once the initial shock of change from a fiver for a pint of craft beer wears off, you can take your pick of any of the number of seating options that the large space has to offer and sit back and enjoy the lively but warm atmosphere that you can only get from a local neighbourhood pub. Complete with cosy snugs, a heated beer garden upstairs, TVs for the sports fans and food served until 9:00 pm each night, this is a new bar that is sure to quickly score a group of ‘regulars’. I may just be one of them.

Brú House Fariview
12 Fairview, Dublin
T: (01) 551 7054


Tony O’CarrollHaving previously devoted every ounce of his spare time to music, Tony is more commonly found these days in a kitchen than on a stage. With experience in writing on festivals and shows around the country he has recently turned his pen to more culinary exposés. With a particular penchant for craft beer he can often be spotted travelling from one bar to another in search of the latest brew to hit the market.


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