Pietro Nolita
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New York’s New All Pink Restaurant will Tickle You Pink

This week the restaurant of a fashion blogger’s Instagram dreams opened. Pietro Nolita is an all pink themed restaurant that serves ‘healthy Italian cuisine’, located on Elizabeth Street, New York city.

Every inch of the tiny Pietro Nolita, named after owner Pietro Quaglia who co-owns the eatery with Mina Soliman, is decked out in a pink hue, from its pink facade through to its even pinker interior.

The pink theme is bang on trend, with a recent think piece in the NY magazine The Cut coining the phrase ‘millennial pink’; the particular salmon shade that has taken over fashion, graphic design and social media, in an ironic rather than hyper-girly way.

pink-as-fuck Pietro Nolita

Despite only opening this week for lunch and breakfast, dinner is to follow, the pink restaurant is already notorious among the Instagram fash-pack, after W fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia wore a limited edition Pietro Nolita tee during NYFW.

Pietro Nolita is sure to become the exclusive hot spot du jour among fashionistas, and with just twenty-eight seats and a no-reservation policy there might just be handbags at dawn to secure a coveted table.


NEW YORK, NY 10012
Breakfast: 7am – 11am
Lunch: Noon – 4:00pm
Dinner: 5:30pm – 11pm
Cocktails: Thursday – Saturday 11pm – 2am
Brunch: Saturday + Sunday 11am – 4pm

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