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New Gadget “The Wand” Claims To Remove the Elements in Wine that Cause Hangovers

Some wine lovers shy away from certain styles of wine because there’s a belief that these might be more likely to cause them hangovers. Of course, if you drink enough of any alcoholic beverage that will be an unavoidable outcome, but certain compounds in mass produced wines are though to accelerate or strengthen that result. PureWine, a Texas-based company claims that their newly launched invention, a gadget called The Wand, is able to remove sulfite preservatives and histamines in wine thanks to its patented nano-pore resin technology.

Stirring one of their disposable “wands” in a glass of wine is claimed not only to get rid of those unpleasant extras, but in consequence, improve the taste of wine and aerate it.

As pointed out by, PureWine CEO David Meadows has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and has worked for decades in the pharmaceutical industry, developing dozens of patents.

The product is currently available at selected local wines in Texas and can be bought online in packs of eight or 24 for about $2 per wand.

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“Millions of Americans enjoy wine. We do too. A glass of wine at the end of a long day is a cherished ritual for millions.. The concept of The Wand™ by PureWine was born out of love for wine with fewer side effects. Developed by a father and son scientific duo, David and Derek Meadows set out to discover a way for people to drink wine without wine allergy and intolerance symptoms. This resulted in a wine purifier,The Wand™ by PureWine.” Read more

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