Up Your Instagram Game with this Range of Droolworthy Vegan Products Now Available in Ireland

Natures Charm

Stacks of pancakes with butterscotch sauce dribbling down the sides; slabs of chocolate coated caramel slices; spicy tacos with all the toppings. Just some of the colourful, mouth-watering dishes on Nature’s Charm Instagram feed that justify the term, dare I say it, ‘foodporn’.

Though as indulgently decadent as these culinary creations may seem they are all in fact vegan, and dairy, gluten, soy and additive free.

Made with products from the Nature’s Charm range that butterscotch sauce is completely vegan, the secret ingredient in those caramel slices is coconut condensed milk, and the ‘pulled pork’ in that taco is in fact made from wonder ingredient jackfruit.

Vegan sisters Marisa and Sonya Osonphasop created a world’s first in 2011, a  dairy free condensed milk. Continuing to innovate, eleven more products have joined the Nature’s Charm family, all made sticking true to their ethics and with as little processed as possible.

We chatted to Sonya, Head of Research and Development and Assistant Managing Director, to find out what exactly about Nature’s Charm products has been charming food lovers all over the world, and where we can get our hands on them.

Who are the people behind the Nature’s Charm Brand?

Myself and my sister  Marisa are the founders. We both have a strong passion for food and when we became vegan we missed some of our favourite childhood dishes and desserts.

We had the advantage of being the daughters of the first coconut milk manufacturer in Thailand, and decided to create delicious dairy free alternatives with the family’s original coconut milk. They turned out to be too good to not share with the world! Trust us, we are the expert when it comes to coconut products.

Where will these be stocked in Ireland?

Our full range of Nature’s Charm products are currently offered at Asia Market in Dublin, on both Drury Street and Merrywell Business Park. Asia Market are our exclusive agent for the Irish market, they are planning to distribute the products to more stores around Ireland.

What products are included in the Nature’s Charm portfolio?

At the moment, we have 12 delicious products within the Nature’s Charm family. They are all unique and we strongly recommend you try them all!

The Nature’s Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk is the first commercially produced condensed milk made from coconuts. We worked very hard to develop to veganise our all-time favorite condensed milk – it took me 2 years and 29 versions to be exact! The end result is so delicious and it will blow your mind. We really hope everyone will love it as much as we do love making it!

Nature's Charm

After the first Nature’s Charm product was launched, we had time to think and develop more products. Evaporated Coconut Milk was created the following year. We made it refined-sugar free so it’s practically guilt free to indulge on this one!

In 2016 we launched the first in our range of toppings a delicious, rich and creamy Coconut Caramel Sauce. It was so well received (it’s so easy and convenient to use as toppings and in cakes) that we decided to find make more flavors.

This year, we launched 4 more amazing flavors; the Butter Scotch Sauce, Salted Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Fudge Sauce and the Matcha Sauce, using matcha is imported directly from Japan. Asia Market is the first store to stock our Matcha Sauce.

We also have a new Coconut Whipping Cream made from full fat coconut cream and virgin coconut oil. Not only is it good for your health, the added coconut oil is good for your taste buds too as this magical ingredient enhances the cream’s texture and the stability of the whipped cream. Natural vanilla extract has also been added to give it a hint of vanilla flavor. The whipping cream is perfect for finishing off baked goods or as a topping – simply just chill, pour, whip and enjoy.

I know there are lots of coconut water out there, but since we are the coconut experts we just couldn’t help doing our own, the Nature’s Charm way. Our Pure Young Coconut Water is honestly pure coconut water with nothing added. Try it straight up, or in smoothies and even coffees!

Natures Charm

All the products in our Jackfruit range make for a completely natural meat substitute. Our Jackfruit in Brine gives you a versatile very lightly salted jackfruit, whereas our newest creation Young Green Jackfruit Confit is inspired by the famous French menu, Duck Confit. The world’s first jackfruit confit, this delicious creation is seasoned with garlic, rosemary, thyme and bay leaves. Please do try the world’s first Jackfruit confit.

For those of you who love hot sauce, the Sriracha Green Jackfruit is a must have item. Sriracha Sauce is a traditional Thai dipping sauce that is now very well-known all around the world, so we though why not use it on our jackfruit? This delicious product will be ready to launch this May. Watch out and be ready for a spicy summer.

Can you tell us some of the great ways Nature’s Charm products can be enjoyed?

All our coconut products can be enjoyed in drinks; including coffees, smoothies and cocktails; with or on desserts and baked goods such as cakes, slices, and ice creams. The evaporated coconut milk is also great in curries, pasta sauces, and it makes a really good mac and cheese!

Our jackfruit range can be enjoyed right from the can or can be used as a meat substitute in any of your favourite dishes. We love to add them to Buddha bowls, salads, pastas and pizzas! Of course you could also use them for tacos and burgers.

Where are the products produced?

All our products are being produced in Thailand from a vegan factory. At our factory, we continue to upgrade all our equipment and laboratory while working hard to reduce our footprint through new technologies.

As well as consumers, do you cater for chefs and food businesses?

We certainly do! We currently have the Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk, Coconut Whipping Cream and Young Green Jackfruit in food service size. We are delighted to see them being used by bakeries, vegan cafes and restaurants.

You can buy the full Nature’s Charm range at Asia Market on Drury Street and Ballymount. For more information on Asia Market visit www.asiamarket.ie or follow Asia Market on Facebook and Twitter.


erica-brackenErica grew up with a baker and confectioner for a father, and a mother with an instinct and love for good food. It is little wonder then that, after completing a law degree, she went on to do a Masters in Food Business at UCC. With a consuming passion for all things food, nutrition and wellness, working with TheTaste is a perfect fit for Erica; allowing her to learn and experience every aspect of the food world meeting its characters and influencers along the way.

Erica Bracken  Erica Bracken

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