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New Recipes and Subscription Options, Plus an Exclusive Code for HelloFresh


Have you ever wanted to cook at home but found it overwhelming, like you didn’t have the right ingredients or that it took too long? HelloFresh is designed to help combat all of this and more, making you feel like a superstar chef in your home kitchen!

You might sometimes find yourself making the same rotation of dishes week in, week out, and that can get pretty mundane. Whether you’re working all day at the office, spending the day at the library hitting the books, or running around after the kids, the last thing on your mind is plans to cook up a gourmet meal every evening. HelloFresh takes the hassle out of all of this, making sure to send customers pre-measured ingredients with the aim of saving you time and avoiding food waste.


An additional benefit of using HelloFresh is that, because all the recipes are laid out in simple instructions with pictures of each step, you’ll feel like a world class chef in the kitchen whilst simultaneously making an absolutely divine meal. You’ll develop cooking skills as you spend your time in the kitchen focusing on the important and fun parts of cooking, plus you’ll save time due to the pre-measured ingredients, leading to less clean up too.

HelloFresh has also expanded their menu, meaning customers now have even more recipes to choose from for their weekly meals, so you don’t have to eat the same thing several times in the same week. Now offering over 15 recipes every week, you’ll never get bored of the delicious options that HelloFresh gives you. Plus, if you like one of the recipes, you can always order an extra portion to keep for leftovers next time.


HelloFresh considers the customers needs, with an array of different dietary options and subscriptions preferences being catered to, like family cooking or calorie smart dishes. HelloFresh has now added subscription preferences for Pescatarians and Flexitarians, making them that much more inclusive! Feel like fish one week, chicken the next, or going totally meat-free the week after? HelloFresh gives you ultimate control and flexibility with your meals, making it as easy as possible to have healthy, tasty meals delivered right to your door.

Your ingredients will be of the freshest and most local produce, guaranteeing that you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck, and the recipes are never boring either. Flavourful, unique dishes are always available, like Beef Bulgogi, Hoisin Chicken Noodles, and Moroccan Spiced Lentil Stew – sounds delightful!

TheTaste have teamed up with HelloFresh to bring our readers an exclusive code: Get up to €85 off your first 4 boxes by clicking here or using the code TASTEFRESH.

You’ll be sure to get fresh ingredients, delicious recipes and plenty of cooking skills to show off by using HelloFresh!

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