New Irish Drink Nine Monks Tonic Wine Gives a Modern Twist to the Classic

The Irish Drinks scene has been on a roll, not just because of the amount of new launches but because of the variety and innovation of the latest tipples to hit our shelves. We recently gathered seven new Irish drinks to try, from craft beers and pink gins to Irish rum, and now we have another fresh addition to our bucket list: an Irish tonic wine.

Nine Monks has recently launched a namesake tonic wine, made in the country and inspired by traditional brewing and distillation techniques of monks, who have a long history of pioneering and improving drinks making.

The Irish brand identified the gap in the market and has come up with the product, which is a combination of base wines with caffeine. It is believe that tonic wine was invented by French monks in the late 19th century.

New Irish Drink Nine Monks Tonic Wine Gives a Modern Twist to the Classic

Tonic wines are fortified to an ABV just above the one of a still wine. There is a tradition of aromatised and flavoured wines around the world, tracing back to times in which winemaking techniques were not as reliable and adding herbs and other flavourings would help the wine taste better and last longer. Other examples include Italy’s Chinato, and the increasingly popular vermouth.

With a growing thirst for intense flavours and experiences with an interesting connection, and the popularity of booze-caffeine combos (think Espresso Martini and coffee stouts) timing seems perfect for experimentation. Nine Monks Tonic Wine will be coming soon to selected off licences.

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