Fancy Some Sriracha with Your Bibimbap? These 11 Food Words Just Got Added to the Dictionary


This week Merriam-Webster, America’s most trusted online English dictionary, added over 250 new words to the dictionary, including 11 food-related ones.

Following the release of their list of new words for September 2017, the famed dictionary now includes the korean dish Bibimbap, a sushi staple order the California Roll, and the legendary hot sauce Sriracha on its digital pages.

If these “new” words don’t feel very on trend to you, you’re not wrong.

The new additions to the dictionary are already commonplace in everyday dialogue.

Due to the dictionary’s word addition process there is always a significant time lag in making words official.

The process requires a word to achieve a certain amount of usage before it can be considered legitimately dictionary worthy.

The eleven new food words that will now, officially, become part of our lexicon:

1. Bibimbap

2. California roll

3. Farmers market

4. Froyo

5. IPA

6. Sriracha

7. Callery pear

8. Cordon bleu

9. Choux pastry

10. Saigon cinnamon

11. Cross Contamination

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