Here’s How You Can Help Get Your Next Favourite Coffee Shop Off the Ground

Dublin’s coffee community is flourishing and formidable thing and now you can truly become part of the family by helping to crowdfunding a new coffee shop with an eco-friendly agenda.

Using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the Pepper Laine campaign page sets out its agenda to open a speciality coffee shop in Dublin with “a focus on composting, recycling and the use of renewable energy.”

Inspired by a cafe they stumbled upon on the streets of Barcelona and backed up by experience on London’s coffee scene, Pepper Laine’s Peter and Elaine are back in their hometown and full of dreams and ambition.

On the page coffee lovers are invited to contribute anything from €5 to the grand total of €13,000.

While your pockets may not be quite that deep different pricing packages unveil perks including a Pepper Laine Hamper filled with a Pepper Laine tote bag, 1kg of speciality coffee, a reusable coffee cup, a ticket to the opening party, a cafetiere, 120 cups of coffee, and the chance to have your name featured in a unique way and to ‘name a blend’ – and of course, you’ll be counted as a friend of Pepper Laine for ever more.

Only a few days into the campaign Peter and Elaine have already raised over €1,000, but the pair are confident they will smash their goal and see their biggest challenge as changing people’s minds about and perceptions about being green, something they see as being easy, enjoyable as well as sustainable.

On their crowdfunding page Pepper Laine set out exactly what every penny of your donation will go towards construction and eco-system to the all important espresso machine.

The exact location of the new coffee shop has yet to be confirmed the pair are searching furiously for the perfect space to bring their dreams to life and will update the page when they find it.

To get involved visit the campaign page HERE.

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