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New Cocktail Menu Unveiled at Peruke and Periwig

Dawson Street favourite, Peruke and Periwig, have just launched their brand new cocktail menu, with a curiously unique theme. Peruke and Periwig have an unwavering commitment to innovation and unparalleled creativity and their new cocktail menu takes guests on a captivating journey through a global tapestry of flavours as they enter a realm of vibrant tastes and cultural inspiration. 

Peruke and Periwig has established itself as a firm favourite amongst cocktail lovers since opening its doors in 2014. Steeped in history, this building on Dublin’s Dawson Street started life in 1846 as William M Jordan’s Pedal Harp Maker. Rumour has it that William had a curious penchant for wigs and headpieces, inspiring the birth of Peruke & Periwig as a tribute to Dublin’s love for tall tales and delightful folklore.  

Immerse yourself in a wonderland of wigs, curiosities, and portraits from times gone by, across all 3 floors of this bar. Each corner conceals hidden stories that have ignited the imagination of their talented bartenders. These tales have set the stage for the fourth edition of their cocktail menu, a captivating exploration of headwear from diverse cultures worldwide and its profound cultural and historical significance. 

Rather unsurprisingly, Peruke and Periwig continues to push boundaries and encapsulate originality with an unorthodox concept for their new menu. Each of their creations bear the name of unique headwear, drawing inspiration from far-off lands and blending their distinctive traits with bold and enticing flavours.  

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