Netflix and Fly – Your Favourite Streaming Service Could be Available on Flights in 2018

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You may soon be able to binge your favourite Netflix series from 30,000 feet in the air after the streaming giant announced plans to extend its mobile bandwidth technology to worldwide airlines by 2018.

Streaming services used to be blocked on airlines because of the sheer amount of internet speed required. But Netflix has a plan to reduce the bandwidth speed required for their high quality streaming service, saving airlines money, and are hoping airlines will offer free wifi as a result.

Imagine being able to watch Stranger Things, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black on your flight, you wouldn’t even notice the hours go by.

Netflix Streaming

Netflix launched in more than 190 countries back in 2016. Late last year, it debuted an offline-viewing option for mobile devices, which was welcomed by all Netflix fans.

While you can pre-download certain episodes or movies before you fly, the option to stream any of your favourite Netflix shows would be most welcome.

Well if there’s free wifi and the ability to take our Netflix streaming apps on board flights, flying in 2018 is about to get even better.

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