Social Gallery – The National Dairy Council Launches Dublin Pop Up Milk Bar

National Dairy Council Pop Up Milk Bar

Encouraging the consumption of dairy products, the National Dairy Council launched their Pop Up Dairy Bar this week with its kickoff event on Wednesday, November 8th.

As statistics show that 35% of Irish people are limiting their intake of dairy, specifically 41% are women while 30% are men, The Complete Natural campaign will consist of major advertising and social media campaigns, coaxing younger people to eat and drink more dairy.

For the launch day, Made in Chelsea stars Binky & JP attended, while well-known Louis Walsh was the VIP guest on Thursday, November 9th.

The free café offers the public gourmet coffee, delicious fruit smoothies, health-inspired milkshakes as well as frozen yoghurt. Designed with funky cow hide-inspired interiors, interactive games, cosy booths and a special selfie area, the café also includes a gallery of modern “Farm Inspired” art.

The Pop Up Dairy Bar will be open until November 12th, with Snapchat star James Kavanagh as VIP guest on Saturday, and top Irish rugby players Rob and Dave Kearney attending on Sunday.

Check out the social gallery below:

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